Thursday, April 9, 2015


As a friend,
they will help you through thick and thin,
if they care.

As they come,
they will make you whole,
if they could.

As they go,
they will leave a hole,
if they matter.

As you make new friends,
the hole will be filled,
but nothing will be the same.

Because no friends are the same,
they impact you in different ways,
but how you choose for them to remain in your life,
it's all up to you.

People you call friends,
May it be those still around you,
May it be someone you see once in a while,
May it be someone who is a friend turned acquaintances,
They will forever be a part of your life, past, present or even future.

Friends who are still with you from the past are not your best friends,
they are your true friends.
For this, I thank you.
Dear best friends,
Please stay in my life forever,
because you're one of the best things to ever happen to me.

love, Isaac

Friday, July 6, 2012

2012 #1

it's been exactly 9 months 17 days since my last post..and i am back..i guess this time i will try my best to continue blogging. it has been a moody 9 months..many things had happened.. i'm already in my 2nd year of my course and i will be graduating in 3 years' time. how time flies eh? ^^

2011 ended in just a blink of an eye.. and 2012 is here.. it has been an emotional first half of the year for me, many things happened and i just realized i am not so good in handling my emotions.. been thru ups and downs in just 6 months' time..

 i guess this is life, had breakdowns that i never had before, thought of more things that i've never thought of..guess i have to stop thinking that much..had problems with friends, had problems with relationship, had problems with family, well, pretty much had problems with everything..well, except my relationship with God. Thank God for being my refuge and strength.

 I am a good listener , but when it comes to my own problems. sometimes i feel like i have no one that can understand me, i feel like no one is there for me. but Thank God for reminding me that i have my brothers and sisters in Christ that still cares for me. They know i am sometimes reluctant to share my issues/problems/feelings with other people but they still continue to ask how am i doing and still care for me.

through this time, i came to realize again that Men by themselves are very weak and fragile, but i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.. this is why God put brothers and sister in Christ around us. they accept us for whoever we are, they're always there for you no matter what..we might be offended sometimes by their harsh opinions, but they know what is best for you.. ^.^

 You guys will always be in my you all, and dun forget God too.. =)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday School

it is so fun serving in Sunday school..=)
get to sing and dance with kids..and rehearse with them for prize giving ceremony..
these are a few pictures of the kids in cute..=D

Friday, July 8, 2011

6B gathering..=D

6B class of 2003 gathering! =D
we had a mini gathering few weeks ago and only four people showed up, so we decided to organize another one, at first we suggested another people because me and kai ming don't want to get frustrated organizing another gathering and no one turned up.
but in the end, kai ming and i ended up taking up the responsibilities again..haha

Facebook is so useful nowadays so we used the event page to create an event and invited everyone we can remember...but a lot people put maybe attending so we cannot confirm the event until a few days before..

So thanks to louis' suggestion, we decided to have it at Chili's and he told me after the gathering that he suggested to go Chili's just because he wanted to eat the Old Timer Burger..-______-..

i put the time at 6pm on the event page..but u know la, Chinese so called 'tradition', everyone ended up late..haha
Chili's doesn't sit incomplete party so we have to use a small table outside first then they will join our table with more tables together when the rest of the gang reach..

We really did had a lot of fun reminiscing all those primary school memories..
All the pranks we used to play on each other, on teachers, on juniors..HAHAHAHHA
and to remember all the nicknames we used to call each other..
and to make fun of all the 'rumors' we used to spread around the class, rumors like who likes who and who has a crush on who..haha, but come to think of it,some were quite embarrassing to think back..haha..

After Chili's, we decided we haven't had enough laughs so we went to Starbucks @ Island Plaza to continue our chit-chat...
oh ya, i forgot to list out who came..haha..
Jian Wei, Louis Phuah, Kai Jye, Kuan Ren, Jian Shen, Kai Ming, Markus, Song Cheng, Nicholas Choo..and Yvonne who came late..she actually forgot about the gathering and only remembered it when Markus called her..haha

At Starbucks, after we got our drinks, we sat down and just talk again and again on those old jokes we used to play on our fellow primary classmates..haha..
i still can't stop laughing..=)
hope to see you guys again soon..=)
i hope someone else will organize the next gathering..
miss you guys and lots of love to all of u <3..=D

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What a sunday

Today seems like everyone is blur..haha..
Everyone so slow response to the questions asked.haha, well including me..
Today no mood to do anything..well, hope my mood will get better after exercise..
Now blogging during choir..haha
Well, really enjoy choir time.. It is a joy and blessing to sing hymns with the voice God gives us..
Through the songs we are reminded about God's love, and hope that people who listen to the song will be moved by the lyrics and the beauty of the voices that God gave us..
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Assignment and assignments..

well, two main assignment's due date is next week! yet i am still procrastinating! =S..
i need something to kick start my engine! ahhhhh..
hope i can finish it in time..

sighs..i need time..more time..

my mood is still the same so nothing special..